Shine On Pocket Pack

Shine On Pocket Pack

Our pocket pack comes with a 4-ounce bottle of Shine On, mini spray bottle, and a funnel to make refills a snap. Our tiny spray bottle fits perfectly in your pocket, handbag, backpack and more to make sure you can get your shine on while you're on the go! The spray bottle may be small but a little Shine On goes a long way.


Shine On! is an antiseptic liquid hand rub made from scratch in my hometown of Macon, Ga. The base ethanol has been meticulously distilled by our master distiller and has a concentration of 80% in the final product to meet the WHO and FDA guidelines. The water-like consistency of the product combined with the spray application means that our 2 and 4-ounce bottles have many more uses per bottle compared with other brands. So 4 ounces of Shineitizer goes much further than 4 ounces of other products. Shinetizer contains no perfumes, colorings, or gels. The ingredients are Ethanol (95%), Vegetable Glycerin, Hydrogen peroxide (3%), and distilled water. This product has been created as a part of a community service project called "The Free Hand Sanitizer Project." We are using the sales of these bottles to help fund free hand sanitizer giveaways to at-risk individuals like the elderly, immunocompromised, healthcare workers, and first responders. A large portion of all sales goes towards funding the Free Hand Sanitizer Project. This was made possible by the generosity of donors in our community that contributed supplies, equipment, and time to put all of this together. Shop with confidence knowing that your purchase will provide someone in need with hand sanitizer.

  • Pre-Order Considerations

    This product is being made by hand. Lead time will vary based upon the availibility of supplies.


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